Bold Beautiful Perfect: Sue

By Brandi Stage / August 10, 2021

“Learning to balance my spiritual, emotional, and physical life helped me understand my internal beauty, which led to freedom from my eating compulsion.” – Sue   Tell us about yourself, Sue! I am a 70-year-old widow who was married to a D’Iberville High school teacher for 47 years. My husband and I raised and provided…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Christine

By Brandi Stage / August 3, 2021

“I really didn’t ‘find myself’ until I had children and rekindled my walk with God. I found a local church who inspired me to look deep at what was important in life. I discovered a way to give back and to make a difference for others, and only then did my inner beauty shine through…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Bernadine

By Brandi Stage / July 27, 2021

“I’ve regained my confidence and my spirit has been lifted by the positive relationships I’ve made. I don’t ever want to sit and wait on death. Go find your own happiness!” – Bernadine Today on the blog, we are sharing an essay from our lovely BBP, Bernadine! Enjoy! My name is Bernadine Wilson Simmons. I’m…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Christine

By Brandi Stage / July 20, 2021

“It’s not a woman’s looks that make her beautiful. It’s her confidence, strength, loyalty, and love for herself and others that exude beauty.” – Christine Christine, tell us about yourself! I was born and raised in Tennessee and grew up in the rural community of Cross Plains. I was never really popular, but I had…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Rebecca

By Brandi Stage / July 13, 2021

“The sadness turned to joy; the hurt turned to love; the meanness attitude turned to confidence. I became confident in who I was in Christ. The more I learned about Christ the more I learned about myself. I began to see myself as God sees me.” – Rebecca Tell us about yourself, Rebecca. I’m Rebecca…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Edna

By Brandi Stage / July 6, 2021

“I look and feel more healthy and beautiful than I ever have because I no longer tell myself I am ugly and worthless. I am beautiful because of my desire to help, motivate, and inspire others.” – Edna Tell us about yourself, Edna! My name is Edna Renee Cornette and I am proud to say…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Athena

By Brandi Stage / June 29, 2021

“Your beauty isn’t measured by how others think of you. Beauty comes from deep within. Beauty grows out of the ashes that lay at your feet from the fiery darts that missed you by an inch. Beauty comes from the scars that you proudly wear because even though it might have touched you, it didn’t…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Stephanie

By Brandi Stage / June 22, 2021

“Inner beauty is having a balance of joy so that even when life knocks me down I can manifest the strength to pick myself back up and feel beautiful again.” – Stephanie Stephanie, tell us about yourself! I am bold, bright, and full of enthusiastic energy & zest for life!     How did you…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Kimber

By Brandi Stage / June 15, 2021

“Beauty is love, kindness, and being exactly who God has created us to be. When we are utilizing all of our talents and our gifts, trusting in HIS plans, and shining our inner light on the outside — that is beautiful.” – Kimber   We are excited to share Kimber’s beautiful story today on the…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Cristina

By Brandi Stage / June 8, 2021

“Life is too short to do what everyone else is doing. I want to be remembered for the people I’ve helped and for the impact my unconventionality may have had.” – Cristina   In anticipation of a very exciting BBP event to be hosted later this year, we’re going back to the beginning of the…

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