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“I was purposefully created in His image. This is what my mind and heart needed to understand what’s beautiful and recognize my inner beauty.” – Emily

Introducing Emily

My name is Emily Schaepe and I’m 31 years young. I’m a mom to four beautiful children and a military spouse to my loving husband. I homeschool my two oldest children and keep active in their extra curricular activities along with my littlest littles daily adventures. I love experiencing new people and places, but Texas is my home and runs in my veins.


How did you come to understand your inner beauty?

I discovered my inner beauty pretty late in my life. Being in a performing art profession where my beauty was determined solely by my physical features, I really did not value my own opinions of myself or self worth. I was constantly changing to please whomever I was working under to ensure I would get to see the stage. After hitting a rock bottom moment with an eating disorder, I realized just how little value I had of myself. Combatting those negative thoughts I had of myself for so many years was a daily challenge for a long time. However, through the support of my family and husband (boyfriend at the time), I began to build myself back up piece by piece.

About a year after meeting my husband, I decided to give my heart to Jesus. This was a profound moment for many reasons, but the biggest was finally seeing myself through His eyes. The truth I learned was that I was purposefully created and I was created in His image. This is what my mind and heart needed to understand what’s beautiful and recognize my inner beauty.

What parts of your story can you share to help women to understand their own beauty?

I often find myself looking through past photos and say “Wow, I really love this photo! I look so pretty.” However, I know in that moment or season that I looked at that exact photo and said, “Ugh, I look awful.” I had to catch myself and stop and think why I did this. The phrase, “comparison is the theft of joy,” came to mind. Ladies, do not let your comparisons of how you used to look or how you want to look steal your joy and beauty. Every stage and season of you is beautiful! I want to encourage you to embrace yourself and your beauty in each and every season you go through; the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Believe that you were created beautifully, perfectly, and give yourself the grace and love you most certainly deserve.


What was your experience with the photo shoot?

Everything about this experience was amazing! Brandi and her staff ensure that you are treated like a queen from the moment you walk in the door. I love that they guided me on outfit choices as I would have been clueless otherwise. Kasper’s attention to detail with my hair and makeup left me absolutely speechless when I looked in the mirror. The actual shoot itself made me feel beautiful. Brandi was so incredibly intentional with every pose, every wardrobe choice, and every angle to ensure that she captured who I am in each photograph.

It was an honor and privilege to be selected for such an incredible project! I love the heart of this message that Brandi and her team have put together! I love the phrase, “empowered women, empower women.” I hope that my story, along with all the other amazing women’s stories in this project, are able to edify all women who need it. We see you, we are for you, and we love your beauty inside and out.




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You are made in His image – let’s celebrate that!

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