Bold Beautiful Perfect: Kimber

By Brandi Stage / June 15, 2021

“Beauty is love, kindness, and being exactly who God has created us to be. When we are utilizing all of our talents and our gifts, trusting in HIS plans, and shining our inner light on the outside — that is beautiful.” – Kimber   We are excited to share Kimber’s beautiful story today on the…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Cristina

By Brandi Stage / June 8, 2021

“Life is too short to do what everyone else is doing. I want to be remembered for the people I’ve helped and for the impact my unconventionality may have had.” – Cristina   In anticipation of a very exciting BBP event to be hosted later this year, we’re going back to the beginning of the…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Elizabeth

By Brandi Stage / June 1, 2021

“The imperfection of people is what makes them beautiful. I pray that God would give me the ability to see what is most special about a person, rather than seek perfection.” – Elizabeth   Today on the blog, we are excited to share Elizabeth’s journey.   Take Back Your Hat! I am Elizabeth Freeman: artist,…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Amy

By Brandi Stage / May 25, 2021

“Loving my body no matter the size or shape is the best form of self-care for me.” – Amy Meet Amy! I am a forty-something-year-old woman who whole-heartedly loves my family, my faith and my friends. I married my husband almost 23 years ago, and we have two boys. Our oldest son has a beautiful…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Brooke

By Brandi Stage / May 18, 2021

“My scars make me that much stronger, and my journey makes me that much more beautiful.” – Brooke Brooke, tell us about yourself! I’m Brooke! I’m 29 years old, and teaching and music are my two passions. I’m a musician and music teacher, a classically trained pianist and vocalist, and I dabble in musical theater.…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Angela

By Brandi Stage / May 11, 2021

“I thought I was unlike anyone in my family of origin, but in their stories, I found me! I actually did belong! I now view my gift-mix as an inheritable substance, a treasure to be regarded as valuable to future generations.” Today on the blog, Angela shares an essay on her journey of discovering her inner…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Barbara

By Brandi Stage / May 4, 2021

“Never let someone devalue you. You are stronger than you think, prettier than you feel, and braver than you ever thought you could be.” Tell us about yourself, Barbara! I am a mom to 2 amazing daughters and 1 foster child. I am married to my best friend and soul mate for the last 5…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Geneva

By Brandi Stage / April 27, 2021

“Ease up on yourself. Failure is an opportunity to grow and learn. Use the tools available to you to empower not only yourself, but others as well.” Tell us about yourself, Geneva! Hi! My name is Geneva. I have had the privilege of venturing down many different paths both professionally and personally. My mottos are:…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Hanna

By Brandi Stage / April 20, 2021

Bold Beautiful Perfect: Hanna   “Jesus changed my value from worthless to cherished, from overlooked to priceless, and from ugly to beautiful. He freely and willingly poured into my brokenness a beautiful substance the world longs for and tries to counterfeit.” Tell us about yourself, Hanna! I am an International Best Selling Author; mental health…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Kristy

By Brandi Stage / April 13, 2021

Bold Beautiful Perfect: Kristy   “Someone once asked me, ‘If you could change one thing in your life, what would that be?’ I replied, ‘Nothing. If I change one thing it could change everything.’ Life changes you. Often, even when we can’t see the light for darkness, change is good. The light will come, and…

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