Bold Beautiful Perfect: Stephanie

By Brandi Stage / September 21, 2021

“I believe that understanding your inner beauty is a journey that continues throughout all chapters of life. In every season, I had to decide to love the body that I had.” – Stephanie   Tell us about yourself, Stephanie! I am a wife to the love of my entire life, mama to the sweetest baby…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Laurie

By Brandi Stage / September 14, 2021

“I’ve come a long way. I’ve changed my internal language and shifted a lot of stubborn, unhappy beliefs. I can now look back at those photos and see a beautiful girl who has turned into a beautiful woman.” – Laurie   What are some impactful moments that affected the way you saw your beauty? When…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Gina

By Brandi Stage / September 7, 2021

“I believe that when you’re feeling good on the inside, your inner beauty instantly radiates outward! When you feeling beautiful on the inside, you just feeling amazing!” – Gina   Gina, tell us about yourself! My name is Gina Grotkowski. I am 24 years old and I have lived in the gulf coast my whole…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Jennifer

By Brandi Stage / August 31, 2021

“When I learned to stop comparing myself to others and appreciate the exuberance others brought to the world, I also began to realized there was something special about me, too. That’s when I came to realize true beauty is when a woman feels comfortable and confident in her own skin.” – Jennifer   Tell us…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Yolanda

By Brandi Stage / August 24, 2021

“After experiencing so much rejection and abandonment in most of my relationships, I discovered my inner beauty through the promises of God.” – Yolanda   Tell us about yourself, Yolanda! Hi there, I am Yolanda Gail Gibson. I am 46 years young, daughter of the Most High God, wife to an amazing man (the priest,…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Dallas

By Brandi Stage / August 17, 2021

“Once I realized I was beautiful on the inside, it started to show on the outside as well. The scars I carried on the inside started to fade, and the scars I carry on the outside didn’t seem to matter anymore.” – Dallas   Tell us about yourself, Dallas! On the surface, I am a…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Sue

By Brandi Stage / August 10, 2021

“Learning to balance my spiritual, emotional, and physical life helped me understand my internal beauty, which led to freedom from my eating compulsion.” – Sue   Tell us about yourself, Sue! I am a 70-year-old widow who was married to a D’Iberville High school teacher for 47 years. My husband and I raised and provided…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Christine

By Brandi Stage / August 3, 2021

“I really didn’t ‘find myself’ until I had children and rekindled my walk with God. I found a local church who inspired me to look deep at what was important in life. I discovered a way to give back and to make a difference for others, and only then did my inner beauty shine through…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Bernadine

By Brandi Stage / July 27, 2021

“I’ve regained my confidence and my spirit has been lifted by the positive relationships I’ve made. I don’t ever want to sit and wait on death. Go find your own happiness!” – Bernadine Today on the blog, we are sharing an essay from our lovely BBP, Bernadine! Enjoy! My name is Bernadine Wilson Simmons. I’m…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Christine

By Brandi Stage / July 20, 2021

“It’s not a woman’s looks that make her beautiful. It’s her confidence, strength, loyalty, and love for herself and others that exude beauty.” – Christine Christine, tell us about yourself! I was born and raised in Tennessee and grew up in the rural community of Cross Plains. I was never really popular, but I had…

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