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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Helen

By Brandi Stage / November 3, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect   “We need to take care of ourselves to enjoy this world.” – Helen Meet our gorgeous Helen! My name is Helen Stogner. I am 50 years old this year and celebrating my 25th Anniversary with my husband Robert. We have two children and one wonderful little red-headed granddaughter. I am a…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Niki

By Brandi Stage / October 27, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect   “You have everything within you needed to accomplish all that God has created you to be.” – Niki Introducing Niki I’m a lifelong Mississippi Gulf Coast resident (besides the year my parents and I went to Russia to be missionaries for a year – I have to mention it bc it’s…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Emily

By Brandi Stage / October 20, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect   “I was purposefully created in His image. This is what my mind and heart needed to understand what’s beautiful and recognize my inner beauty.” – Emily Introducing Emily My name is Emily Schaepe and I’m 31 years young. I’m a mom to four beautiful children and a military spouse to my…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Ashley

By Brandi Stage / October 13, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect   “My inner beauty grew when I gave God the opportunity to show me.”  – Ashley Tell us about yourself, Ashley! Hi, there! My name is Ashley Rundberg and I am 32 years old. I grew up on the Gulf Coast before moving to Germany as an “Air Force Brat” during my…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Casey

By Brandi Stage / October 6, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect   “Inner beauty is finding the passions inside yourself, what ignites you to succeed.”  – Casey Casey, how did you come to understand your inner beauty? As a dancer, self image has always been a struggle with me, continuously looking in the mirror in leotard and tights. Sometimes I continue to struggle,…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Brittany

By Brandi Stage / September 29, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect Brittany, Bay St. Louis   “I have a beautiful soul and enjoy sharing positive energy with other beautiful souls.”  – Brittany Tell us about yourself, Brittany! I’m a 35 year old mother to a beautiful 9 year old little girl and I’m a hard working entrepreneur at heart. I own and operate…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Amy

By Brandi Stage / September 22, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect Amy, Bay St. Louis   “Being able to understand my worth in the Heavenly Father helped me to see my inner beauty.”  – Amy Tell us about yourself, Amy! I am a 43-year-old Mississippi native and for the last 12 years been married to a wonderful man. We do not have children,…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: Tonya

By Brandi Stage / September 16, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect Tonya, Louisiana   “To me, true beauty is peace. Peace comes with knowing that even when your world is completely out of your control, God is still in control.” – Tonya   Hello! My name is Tonya LeMoine and I’m just a simple Southern girl. I was born and raised in a…

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Beautiful smiling white woman with short blonde hair wearing a black blouse. Professional headshot and glamour shot.

Bold Beautiful Perfect: Dee Dee

By Brandi Stage / August 4, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect Dee Dee, Bay St. Louis   “The pursuit of a whole and healed life that shines out even from hard circumstances, to me, is truly beautiful.”  – Dee Dee Dee Dee’s story: I’m a Southern girl born and raised. I was very introverted with social anxiety when I was young. I tended…

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Bold Beautiful Perfect: DeRae

By Brandi Stage / July 28, 2020

Bold Beautiful Perfect DeRae, Bay St. Louis   “There is nothing more beautiful than having the courage to love your fellow man despite how tattered their heart is… and that is beauty to me.”  – DeRae   Tell us a little about yourself, DeRae! My name is DeRae Graham and I am 30 years old.…

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