Bold Beautiful Perfect: Tawnya


“My inner beauty comes from the hours of volunteer work I do, the advice I give to a friend in need, or the hug I give to my granddaughter who is hurting.”

Tell us about yourself, Tawnya!

Hi my name is Tawnya. I am 51 year old woman of many colors and labels. My favorite label is Tawnya. Let me explain: I have been a daughter of 52 years, a mother for 33 years and a wife for 32 years. It was either one label or another and it took me some time to figure out that I am Tawnya – just Tawnya – and to be comfortable with that.


How did you come to understand your beauty?

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, so I had to really examine myself from the inside out to discover that beauty is more than what the eye can see. My inner beauty comes from the hours of volunteer work I do, the advice I give to a friend in need, or the hug I give to my granddaughter who is hurting. My inner beauty is my soul glowing from within and shining brightly for everyone to see.


This project is all about inspiring women to see their beauty. What parts of your story can you share to help women to understand their own beauty?

When looking at yourself in a mirror, stop looking for what is wrong. Look for your favorite thing about yourself! It may be your smile that brightens a friend’s day, your compassionate and loving eyes. It could be your hair that everyone envies. For me, it was my eyes. I have always believed that my eyes are my best asset. I have been told many times that I had a pretty face, if only I would lose weight. Somehow this was meant to get me to lose weight, but it had the opposite effect. I was also told that if I did not lose weight I would never marry or have kids. My husband of 32 years has always said that my eyes are what drew him to me. Not once has my husband told me to lose weight. He would tell me, “If you’re not happy about it, then it’s up to you to change it – but I don’t believe you need to.”


What did the shoot mean to you? What did it feel like to be selected?

The shoot meant that I could see myself for who I am: not just mom, honey, or mimi, but Tawnya. It meant the world to me to be chosen! I hardly ever get selected or win anything and I was beyond ecstatic to be among other women who have come into their own.

Kasper turned me into a goddess with his ability to hide my wrinkles and make my eyes shine. He took my hair and turned it into flowing curls. I was nervous wreck, but Kasper made me feel at ease before handing me over to Brandi. What can I say about Brandi… she is simply amazing. Brandi made me feel like I have been modeling for years instead of just the few hours we had together. She made me feel so at ease that I got a little playful in between changes and she even captured some of those photos! If you ever want to do this for yourself, please call Brandi. You will not be disappointed!




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