2023 Bold Beautiful Perfect: Anita

“When you like what’s on the inside, it begins to show on the outside.


Tell us about yourself, Anita!

I’m a family-oriented mother of one beautiful daughter and a “GiGi” to her fur baby. I enjoy family vacations that usually include my mother, my sister and her two children along with me and my daughter. We’re a small, close knit bunch that loves hard and laughs loud.
I’m a creative who plans and decorates events through my business Inspired Designs and Events. I also dabble in interior design (my first love) and binge watch HGTV and Netflix design shows. I’m the one who inwardly cringes when your walls are bare. I also utilize my creativity working with children in an after school program.
My spiritual walk is very important to me. I proudly profess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Keeping my relationship with Him in right standing is top priority. The word of God tells us to pray without ceasing and to study to show ourselves approved. These aren’t just words I’ve read – they’re words I live. I’m very supportive of my church by giving of my time, talent, and treasure.
I enjoy reading, though I don’t get to do it as much as I use to. Watching movies, hanging with friends, and road trips are some other downtime favorites.


How did you come to understand your inner beauty?

I had to stop comparing myself to others in different areas of my life. I also started listening when those I trusted spoke positively about me. I mean, if I trust them and accept what they say about other things, why not accept what they say about me? I also started self examination, taking stock of the man in the mirror. I realized there was more to me than I gave myself credit for. Keep in mind, self examination is an ongoing process; it’s not a one and done. It’s vital to your continued appreciation of your inner beauty.

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What parts of your story can you share to help women to understand their own beauty?

I would encourage women to begin by looking inward. When you like what’s on the inside, it begins to show on the outside. When you learn to love yourself, you develop an appreciation for what you have to offer. And when YOU appreciate YOU it builds your confidence. When you have self confidence it helps promotes a positive self image…. which in and of itself is BEAUTIFUL.

Tell us about your experience with the photoshoot?

I had a wonderful experience at the photoshoot. Brandi has a way about her that helped me relax. She has such a kind spirit that comes through when she speaks with you or gives direction during the shoot. I’m that person who prefers to take the picture rather than be in the picture, but Brandi helped me push past my discomfort and enjoy the moment.

Leading up to the shoot, Brandi had asked if I was excited. I couldn’t get excited because I was too nervous thinking about my imperfections and how they would come across in the photos. I was pleasantly surprised by how hard it was to pick the two for the blog. I wasn’t expecting to have so many favorites! Brandi truly has a gift.

The shoot meant a lot to me because it was one way I chose to step outside of my comfort zone. Even if I hadn’t been selected, I would have considered it a win simply because I submitted an application. As I stated previously, I prefer behind the scenes. I don’t consider myself shy or an introvert, just more comfortable when the spotlight is pointed in the other direction. Being selected was a nice surprise. I was afforded an amazing experience that will serve as a reminder that I can push past my comfort zone with a smile.


Anything else you’d like to share that may be helpful?

If you choose to take the leap, just enjoy the experience – from beginning to end and every step in between. Don’t over think it, just be yourself through out the entire process. From the choosing of your wardrobe (be as outrageous or as simple as you want), to selecting your location (your living room, the fire department, Walmart aisle 6, oh my!), to giving your genuine smile (not practiced) during the shoot… just have fun!



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You are more beautiful than you know!

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Much love,


International Award-Winning Portrait Photographer

White woman curly hair portrait and headshot photographer standing confidently arm on hip wearing black top and earrings

Brandi Stage is an international award-winning portrait photographer based in Bay St. Louis, MS. She creates an exceptional magazine-style photo shoot and timeless heirloom portraits for women, men, children and pets in her studio or on location.