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Inviting women worldwide to stand in their power and celebrate who they are right now!

After a decade of photographing women professionally, Brandi discovered a discouraging trend: most women do not see their own beauty.

The Bold Beautiful Perfect project is Brandi's mission to help women see and understand how beautiful they truly are. We believe that women are inherently beautiful because we have been made in the image of our Creator. You don't have to be a certain size, shape, color, or age. You don't have to look a certain way. It's not something you have to earn, but to discover.

Please note the BBP photo shoot is available by application only. Complete this form only after your application has been approved.

After your photo session, you'll have the opportunity to encourage other women through a featured post on our blog and social media. You can share your story, your journey to understanding your own beauty, or any words of encouragement you may have! We'll feature you in a blog post along with some of our favorite images from your session. Your blog will be shared across our social media platforms and in our Bold Beautiful Perfect group. Our goal is to encourage and uplift women!